Section 3: complete the two parts in blue below using the information provided below it.
A section highlighting your quality control strategy and the steps in the quality assurance process.
Your organization has decided to manufacture the product in a developing country and supply it to the developed world. Identify your country of production and justify why you would select that country for production. The justification could include local laws, capabilities, capacity, or geographical location of the country.

Develop and highlight a quality control strategy for the domeshelter and validate how this will help the quality assurance process
Pick a developing country to produce the domeshelter out of, justify why you chose that country with detail. Use local laws, capabilities, capacity, location, and resources as part of your justification as to why you chose it for a production facility.
This product should be used for storing and protecting million dollar emergency medical helicopters

Product – movable/portable/cost effective hangar for helicopters (
– based on two shipping containers, and a dome shelter on top, with optional hydraulic door system built in to shipping containers.
Problem: A huge market/problem with protecting/covering helicopters in the EMS industry in the United States, due to short term contracts, and a lot of unknowns.
Problem: A lack of global distribution, specifically to the United States.
Setting: EMS Helicopter industry storage

Whilst there are products out there, none seem to be as convenient, nor cost effective, as I believe they could be. Taking advantage of readily available items, shipping containers, which are commonly used on many sites for storage of parts and maintenance, two such containers can be utilized to create a cost effective, and easily transported, helicopter hangar. This is something that is lacking in many different sectors of the aviation industry, and especially in the EMS helicopter industry. I have a +$12 million dollar helicopter that sits outside in all weather conditions, all year round, when it truly should be protected in some manner of form. After all, if you owned a costly vehicle, you would hardly let it sit outside 24/7 all the time, being weather beaten.

Here are some links of similar items, but the key here, would be marrying a source of shipping containers, or at the least specifying a container size for use, and then providing the dome cover structure (manufactured in a low cost nation), and potentially other items, such as a hydraulic door system that could also be built into a shipping container.

Here are some links from what I am talking about. A company in Australia has almost mastered the concept, but they are missing one or two key parts, and the costs of products from Australia are crazy, due to the high standards of living, and costly economy.

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