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I need 3 sources which include 1 book and 2 online sources. Please be specific to this topic and do not stray away from it. please explain why the PFLA needs to use the specific devices in order to ensure its security.

Network Security Tools of the PFLA
Network Security Tools and System Security Architecture (both individually) will be defined. Examples of current Network Security Tools will be listed. A suggestion in regards to the best network security tools the PFLA should use will be given to including the benefits, costs, etc. (firewalls, routers, switches, computers, etc. will be included and will contain specific model numbers, brands, price, etc.) define network security and system security, give examples of current network security tools. Explain why the PFLA needs firewalls, why the PFLA needs antivirus software. We are building network security for the PFLA. Specify what network security tools the PFLA needs to protect it.
EXAMPLE: we need a firewall, I suggest The PFLA will be using this “FIREWALL” by “WHO” and the cost is ” AMOUNT”
and why the PFLA needs to use that specific device.

Professional Football League of America (PFLA) Information Security Plan