Currently I am working on my master thesis in clincal psychology. The topic is Social Emotional Learning Interventions. Actually, the topic is pretty straight forward and not too difficult but I am terrible at writing and still do not understand how I managed my bachelor. Thus, I need your help.

In the attachments you will find my proposal and all necessary information about my thesis. In summary, I am doing a systematic review and meta-analysis on the effectiveness of Social Emotional Learning Interventions in a student (4-17yo) population.

Currently, I am working on the systematic review part. I have all the relevant articles at hand and „only“ need to extract the relevant information.

My supervisor handed me 2 example extraction documents of how an extraction should look like. Because I need to approve the quality of your data extraction I would politely ask you to extract 3 articles for me before I continue to work with you. (I do not want to sound rude but I have made bad experiences with writing services).
If your work is well done, I will continue to work with you for my master thesis. (By the way I have no high standards.. I just want to pass my fucking thesis.)

In relation to extracting data:
On the Excel sheet “Outcomes” , could you please add a last column named “Outcomes for Girls/Boys”? There you could add any outcomes you might find in certain studies regarding girls and boys (it might be needed for your thesis analyses later on)
Additionally, could you please add a last column named “effect sizes and extract the relevant effect sizes?

So in order to make things easy I made an overview of the attached files:

1) XXX

2) Eligible criteria for articles I shall use in my systematic review and meta analysis

3) an eligible study Babalis (2013) and a sample extraction by the supervisor

4) another eligible study plus sample extraction ( doikou-alvidou)

5) quality assessment tools and the relating dictionary

6/7/8) the 3 studies I would like you to extract Karasimopoulou.pdf
Kourmousi (2017).pdf
Kourmousi (2018).pdf

9) my thesis is similar to Blewitt et al. (2018) I attached it in case you wanted to read it

10) Very Important: My master thesis-

The most relevant information is probably in my master thesis and the eligibility criteria document.

Well, I guess this is it for now. If you have any questions please get back to me.

I hope we will have a good working relationship and I am looking forward to working with you whoever you may be.

Promoting socio-emotional development in Youth by using school-based interventions of social and emotional learning (SEL). An investigation of the status of the field in Greek educational settings. /AN