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•• Proposal •• Internal BCOM Instructor Jim

The Proposal Assignment

This assignment will help students meet the following course objectives:

• Construct appropriate business writing in a variety of situations

• Model professional business behaviors

• Apply business techniques in written and electronic presentations

• Communicate with ethical professionalism in various kinds of business settings

• Employ appropriate electronic elements in written communications

Real-world Solution. Identify an actual issue for which you would like to pose a solution.
Important note: The issue must not be campus parking and transportation issues and/or petty drama between yourself and another person or group of people. For the latter topic, you may identify the root issue of your argument/problem with the person or people and recommend a solution. Read: The Short Report is not a written complaint or gripe session.

The Real-world Solution option steps to prepare:

1. Identify your Short Report topic

To get started, choose a real problem or situation. This situation must not be hypothetical. You must be able to research the situation and possible solutions, and the feasibility of your solution/plan of action must be based on facts, not just your opinion.

2. Identify your recipient

The next step is to find out who has the power to accept or reject your idea. This person will be your recipient in the Short Report, which will be due toward semester’s end.

Common Elements (Regardless of directional choice)

Note: Experiencing a problem is not the same as having the knowledge and the credibility to propose a solution to it.

Remember: What you present in the Proposal will ultimately be the focus of your last project in this class, the Short Report. Therefore, the issue addressed in your Short Report:

Must be something for which you are qualified to propose a plan of action for a solution (i.e. you already have the knowledge and experience or are willing to acquire the knowledge) and
For which a written and well-researched report is appropriate (the solution benefits the reader, the reader is not a family member, etc.).

Proposal Assignment Breakdown

In a short (one-page) memo addressed to me, include the following information:

the problem
your solution
your analysis of the person to whom the short report will be addressed to (his/her relationship to you, interest in the problem, anticipated reaction to your solution, etc.)
your qualifications to propose the solution (not just to understand the problem)
whether your ultimate recipient is an internal or external audience
what type of report you will produce (memo or letter) based on the internal/external distinction.
what type of research you intend to conduct to find a satisfactory solution
any background information I may need to clearly understand and agree to the proposal.
Note: For the purpose of the Short Report, your proposal will be unsolicited. So you will need to keep this in mind when you are analyzing your recipient.


Include the appropriate To, From, Date, and Subject lines for a memo; double-space them. You are writing this memo to an internal audience of your choosing (most likely employees).
Initial the memo with a pen (or type your initials if you don’t have a digital pen).
Use font size of 10, 11, or 12.
Format page 2 correctly (include recipient’s name, page, and date in the header) Note: Use the same font you used for the body on this page 2 header.
The body of this document is single-spaced.
Try to be creative with your headings, but make them parallel.
Begin your memo with an introductory paragraph, then your first heading.
Use bullets for listed items rather than for every piece of information.
You must not propose something related to general transportation/parking issues and petty squabbles (I’m mad at so-and-so because I think he/she/they is/are/do/did ______________ … ) you have with an individual or group.

Use of examples

As a courtesy, the instructor provides examples of Major Projects with the assignments. These are to be guides for formatting and general writing and organizing strategies only. You are not to re-use any significant element of these examples and claim them as your own; doing so will be considered plagiarism and an Academic Integrity violation. Significant elements include logos, full sentences or paragraphs, etc. Please take personal ownership of your projects; do not simply lean on someone else’s work.