DB 3: Power of propaganda, social justice and visual culture
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Don’t forget: Citing is required this week both in your text and with a final works cited list.

NOTE: Each part below is worth up to 150 points. As such the below questions require a bit more content to be written .

Watch Panopto 5 & review your Week 8-11 readings for DB3 Part 1.

March Book 2 is a required reading this week.

Part I: (worth 150 points)
Due November 24 (note that this falls on a Monday not Sunday):
1. Choose a specific image from March book 2 or March book 3 (book 3 is not required but strongly encouraged in order to end the series with the knowledge John Lewis delivered with the entire 3 books) that you feel is especially important to understand. Take a picture of the image with your smartphone and post it to the board. Then break down the image per the 3 parts of visual culture that we have discussed throughout the quarter. If you need assistance in posting an image, please see the instructions posted in our assignment information Module.

2. Considering what was covered in Panopto 3/4 regarding the what neuroscience tells us about intercultural communication, do you feel your own culture or cultures helped you or hindered with your reading and understanding March, books 1/2? Make sure to discuss the content presented about ‘bias and the brain’ in your answer.

3. Consider what was discussed in Panopto 5 regarding the visual display of C-19 in today’s world. Post another image to DB3 that you feel best represents YOUR own experiences with the pandemic. Describe it per the 3 components of visual culture that we have reviewed this quarter. With your analysis, consider how multiple different populations/cultures may see your image differently (or alternatively, in the same way).