This is based on my experience so you have to write it as if I have experience in veterinary assistant ing

here what the subtopic are and all six sub-topics must be in the essay . please make sure it based off personal experience

there is an attachment that shows an autobio in the blank sections is where you will but the subtopic. using Kolb’s Model . this is the form you fill out.

also ill provider a sample of how it should be done. under community recources

Discuss the role of the veterinary assistant in assisting in the treatment of illness, injury, and promoting the overall wellness of the animal. The following subtopics are to be addressed:

Subtopic 1: Describe the unique anatomy and physiology of animals that the veterinary assistant cares for.
Subtopic 2: Discuss common illnesses of a selected species a veterinary assistant encounters.
Subtopic 3: Explain infection control in the veterinary clinic.
Subtopic 4: Analyze communication skills and principles needed by a veterinary assistant.
Subtopic 5: Explore career opportunities and challenges for a veterinary assistant.
Subtopic 6: Discuss safety principles for the protection of animals and people.