Think about yourself or a person close to you who exhibits features of one of the phobic disorders: either a specific phobia, social anxiety disorder, or agoraphobia. It is fine if the person’s anxiety issues are not severe enough to warrant a formal diagnosis – remember there’s no clear dividing point between a disorder and behaviors we all occasionally exhibit.

Describe one or two of the etiological factors associated with phobic disorders that seem relevant to the development of your friend’s anxiety-related symptoms. Incorporate enough detail on relevant textbook or lecture terms, and any important elements of your friend’s background, so that it is clear you understand the etiological factor. You can use any causal factor mentioned in your text or in lecture. Feel free to change identifying details (e.g., the person’s name, specific geographical information) to preserve anonymity.

If you are not comfortable with sharing information about yourself or a person close to you, pick a famous person (e.g., celebrity, sports figure) who has indicated he or she has been troubled with one of these disorders and suggest how one or two etiological factors may have led to their condition.