Write a Radio Drama

Write your own radio drama for young audiences. You can either try to tell a complete story, or you can treat it as an episode of what would be a series. Here’s what I’m looking for:

1. Very descriptive stage directions, that include what sound effects are needed to establish location and action.

2. A beginning, a middle, and an end (even if it’s episodic).

3. 5-10 minutes worth of content. Generally, a minute is about a page long. You can test out low long it is by reading your piece out loud and timing yourself.

4. A sense that this would make work for someone who was just listening, not reading. That means that most of the action has to happen in what the characters say to each other, do not rely on narration to tell your story.

6. A PDF submission of your script. Here is an example and some information about ways to format your script:

5. Have fun! Tell stories you would want to listen

Radio drama