The purpose of this reaction paper is to allow students to think critically about covered material, Medical Sociology and be able to apply it to real life situations.  In other words, applying Sociology to real life.  My interest is to see reaction on class material in light of day to day local and global real-life events or experiences.   So, be sure to take a sociological and global approach if applicable in your argument.  I would like to realize that you see Sociology in real life, understand how it applies to you, and its importance to the US and global society.
Specific Instructions:  Please choose and react to only one social phenomenon or idea that grabs your interest from covered material for this week’s topic as per the syllabus schedule.  Covered material may include class lectures, text readings or movies covered that week.  Briefly state the source of that phenomenon or issue say from text, etc.  State what interested you about it.  STATE YOUR STANCE ON THAT ISSUE SAY BY INDICATING IF YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE WITH THE ISSUE.  CLEARLY STATE YOUR ARGUMENT WHILE SUPPORTING IT WITH REAL LIFE EXAMPLES SAY DRAWN FROM PRESENT OR PAST OBSERVATIONS, LIFE EXPERIENCES, OR PRIOR KNOWLEDGE FROM A DIFFERENT SOURCE OUTSIDE CLASS. Your reaction should not just be a summary from the readings or movie script, but it must be your own critical approach of the issue in question in light of day to day life, say placed in a wider social context.
Blackboard utilizes SafeAssign software to detect for plagiarism.  Make sure you submit original work as expected.
Additional instructions:  Please organize your report to include the introduction, body, and conclusion.  Hint.  Make sure you clearly state the issue or phenomenon under discussion and your stance on it in the introduction.  Make sure you give me examples from day to day life, something you have come across, observed yourself, or experienced in life.  Use first person tense, say “I…” Assessment will be based on the quality of the content and if you give examples from real life to support your argument.


reaction paper