Students will write a reflection paper to demonstrate their growth:

The purpose of this assignment is to help you refine your counseling platform by integrating what you have learned in the course and the feedback that you have received on your skills throughout the semester and how you are ready to begin practicum. To aid you in your discussion, reflect on the following:

1) Your theoretical approach to counseling;
(My Theoretical approach is an Adlerian and Existentialist approach)

2) The theory you most identify with and how they apply to you personally;
(the main reason why I like to identify with Adlerian and Existentialist theory is we has people have to understand how our community and environment illustrate who are as we develop from infancy to elderly. Existential we as people always try to reflect back and understand the positive and negative in our lives)

3) Some challenges you may face and how you would address them
(based on your feedback and your own self-reflection);

4) Reflection on how your thoughts, ideas, values, biases, guiding principles, counseling style, and understanding of the counseling relationship have changed from APPS I to APPS II.
(I would say my growth between Apps I, Group/theory and Apps II was understanding Non verbal’s, open question and close questions ,encouragers ,paraphrasing to the client , reflecting of meaning, reflecting of feelings and summarizing, these are all skill I have gained from previous counseling sessions Biases I gain a better understanding for multicultural counseling)

I would like for you write about all the skills, techniques and thoeries ,i gained from every counseling session , you can use some of my old paper to reflect on most of my progress. i will upload the feed back from professors so you can include it in the paper . please talk about my strengthes and weaknesses in the counseling . above i choose the theoretical approach to counseling and why identify with them