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The presentation in 17th Century Art will test your knowledge of the period’s style and themes and your capacity for visual analysis; it is also an opportunity for you to get creative, and perhaps influence how art historians think about the period known as “Baroque Art.” Taking into consideration the works of art that we have studied in class, including their visual appearance as well as the context and secondary scholarship that we have discussed surrounding them, in this assignment, you are asked to rename the Baroque period. As we have discussed in class, the term “Baroque” does not necessarily reflect all art produced in the 17th century in Europe, nor is it perhaps the most easily understood term. In this presentation, you will select a concise new name for the period, one that you think accurately and efficiently encapsulates the characteristics of art and architecture produced in Europe in the 17th century. You may choose any term or phrase (do make it short, appropriate as a heading in an introductory textbook. The new name, and your defense of it as a suitable replacement for “Baroque,” should reflect the visual appearance and/or themes of the art that we have studied in this class. You are expected to draw on examples of works of art that we have studied in both Northern (Holland/Flanders) and Southern Europe (Italy/Spain.) Keep in mind that this is a persuasive presentation – your goal is to convince the audience that your proposed name is the most appropriate one to replace “Baroque.” You will therefore want to select a name and works for which you can craft a clear and convincing argument around. The presentation is short (approximately 5 minutes), features only 5 slides, and our syllabus has built-in opportunities for you to develop the ideas in your presentation and your public speaking skills. You will be working on the presentation throughout the quarter, with three checkpoint assignments that are designed to get you planning for your presentation early in the course and to build your presentation step-by-step.

-Proposed name and justification:
a 1-2 paragraph description of the name that you propose to replace Baroque with, with a justification of why this name is suitable. This checkpoint will be graded based on the following rubric: 25% for on-time submission, 25% for justification, 25% for appropriateness of name (length, audience), 25% for consideration of Southern and Northern themes.

-Works selection:
a 1 page sheet with images and captions (title, artist, date, medium) of the works that you will use to justify your proposed name in your presentation. As per final presentation outlines, you will select one Southern and one Northern work that support your proposed name. Black and white images are acceptable for this checkpoint, although you will want to use color versions in your presentations. This checkpoint will be graded based on the following rubric: 25% for on-time submission, 25% for Northern work, 25% for Southern work, 25% for captions.

-Written summary:
A 1-2 page written summary of your final presentation, outlining the main points of your presentation, including why you have selected your proposed name, its applicability to both Southern and Northern works of art in the 17th century (via the works you have selected for your presentation), and any other relevant evidence or information. You are not required to cite scholarly sources for your summary, but if you do, please use Chicago style citation format. All summaries are due in Class 19, regardless of when you are presenting. You may adjust your proposed name and/or works up until you submit your summary

Rename the term Baroque