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Question 1

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Unfortunately, Mr. Smart didn’t make a rational decision. He gave into the social pressures of his significant other. When he first started the conversation with his wife, he asked her how she would feel about moving to Kansas City. Barbara gave her opinion on where she would like to move instead and expressed he would have to go alone. Harry should have asked her with the intention of getting her view point. Simply asking where she would like to live is acceptable, but her deciding on his behalf is not ethical. Harry has been given a huge opportunity and a lot of decisions need to be developed based on different issues that will uproot many people’s lives.

Here are some questions Harry needs to ask everyone involved:

-For each location what is the price of the land?

-Are there any types of approvals or special permits and how much would they be?

-Where are the locations of other competitors?

-What type of climate is found in each state? And, will the plant’s final product be more successful than another due to climate?

-What are the taxes in each state?

-Also, is the plant near railroad tracks?

-If so, do they need to off load from rail cars into trucks, or would finding a location to offload be another expense at a particular location?

All of these questions listed above are valid and for Harry just to go by what his wife wants is not being rational. He is making a decision based on not weighing all of the variables involved. Harry was chosen to be the final decision maker because of his success he has had with Brand Corporation. He needs to be careful and his irrational decision could ruin everything the company has worked hard for. Harry might find it helpful to revisit his company’s mission, goals and vision and refresh himself on what the company stands for.

Question 2

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Harry took an irrationally based social model. He should have been more logical in his decision. His decision would have been more effective and meaningful if he conducted his research from all angles. Harry’s way of thinking took on a behavioral decision making approach as well. Harry looked to others, such as his wife for advice. He had a responsibility to come to a decision for the organization and he didn’t analyze all given information. This left an incomplete analysis of data and had imperfect information by depending on his wife. Harry’s decision may or may not serve the interests of the Brand Corporation. Harry needs to revisit his values and see how he would feel if he was on the other end of the situation. Right now, Harry is focused on wanting to keep everyone happy in his personal life and he has over looked the overall success of the company. A quality of a behavioral decision is trying not to upset someone with the outcome. He might have panicked and decided on a quick decision once his wife said he would have to go by himself if the plant moved to Kansas City.

The decision that Harry made was a personally rational decision. This was based on one person’s individual’s goal. When Harry asked his wife about moving to Kansas City, he disregarded all of the research his team conducted and left it up to her to come to the conclusion.

Question 3

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Chapter 8 discusses participative decision making. This is a technique that would have been beneficial in the decision making process. The process is open to a discussion in a formal or informal environment and allows a group to come together to reach a decision. This would have been a great place for everyone to come together and discuss any emotional, intellectual or physical involvement. This concept sounds flexible and whoever is coordinating the meeting can navigate through the meeting and request how much feedback they want to receive. This technique does have some disadvantages, but at least this would create dialogue within the company and not rely solely on Harry’s wife opinion. What is great about participative decision making is that employees who have a lot of experience can weigh in on their thoughts. When people work at a plant for years, there will be decades of experience in a room. This offers the platform for people to voice the concerns and brainstorm new ideas or bring up valid questions that may have been overlooked by others in higher positions.

Another technique that can be used is the creative technique. According to Luthans, a national survey of highly creative top managers found that they use techniques such as guided imagery, self-hypnosis, journal keeping, and lateral styles of thinking. (Luthans, Luthans, & Luthans, 2015) Not only does encouraging creativity help the organization, this concept allows employees to use their creativity to express how they would develop a concept. Harry’s team could come together to discuss how they envision the plant functioning and their personal lives in each location. Also, by asking employees for their expertise this will enhance their motivation and the team will feel useful knowing that upper management values their opinions as well. If everyone on the team made a pro and con list, Harry could filter through all of the feedback and this would help with his decision. By reading all pros or cons this will challenge his decision. This is the benefit of asking different people that have different walks of life. Using this technique is beneficial to use in any scenario because someone is always going to offer a different view point.

While Harry is conducting these group sessions listening will be very important as well. Harry should keep in mind to have a historian approach. This will allow him to see the big picture and listen to everyone. When he comes to a final decision, he will be confident in knowing that he gave the situation a lot of thought and reviewed every aspect of each location. This strategy will help him remain focused and dissect every category until he arrives to a conclusion.

Over all, any technique he uses will guide him in his final decision. I think that he will have a lot of input from either technique and this will create dialogue amongst the team. These techniques will help Harry gain a better understanding of how to make this important decision. He will be able to hear other employee’s feedback. Also, Harry is going to be asked one day what made him choose New York?

People have a way of knowing if someone is authentic in their responses. If he didn’t do his due diligence when it came to researching the location of the plant, employees might be able to sense this.


Luthans, F., Luthans, K. W., & Luthans, B. C. (2015). Organizational Behavior: An Evidencebased Approach. 13th ed., Charlotte, North Carolina: Information Age Publishing.

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