How will you actually collect the information you need in order to answer your research question? This is when I get jealous of the physical sciences a little bit, where measurement and data collection instruments tend to be fairly well established. In the social sciences, data collection instruments take many different forms, but their purpose is essentially the same: to collect in a systematic way the information that is necessary to measure the variables of interest to your study. Instead of a ruler or a
balance, this might take the form of a survey questionnaire, a structured interview protocol, an instrument for recording social observations in the field, a coding manual for performing content analysis, and so on.If your research design includes a survey, it’s time to draft the content of that survey questionnaire. If your research design includes interviewing, it’s time to draft the interview protocol, including prompts
and/or specific questions. If your research design includes social observation, draft your tool for systematically recording your observations

Resarch Methods-Instrumentation