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Name: Awesome Student

Date:14 September 2017

ENC 1102


Use this template to develop your research plan from ARP Phase I that leads to the Working Bibliography in Phase II. As you make your way through the document, follow the outline exactly. Although this might seem highly structured, in some cases, structure allows more individuality in the end.

Follow MLA format, using a standard heading (see Owl Purdue and handouts), double spacing, font type and font point size, page numbers, and margins (1 in. from all sides).

You can title it Research Paper Proposal.

Proofread carefully for mechanical, punctuation, grammar, spelling, and MLA format errors. If you have any questions about this assignment or need help writing it, please do not hesitate to ask. When you are finished, submit it into the BB Assignment. Research Proposal This document describes my topic, my research sources, and my tentative thoughts about my research project. It also poses several questions for my professor.


Section 1: My Question I have chosen to investigate Common Core Education [a focused chunk related to a broader term – narrower than a “topic”because I want to find out] Why teachers and parents dislike the program and how it could be changed to become better. I would also like to know how the Common Core curriculum works.[what do you want to know?]so that Myself, my classmates with or without children, and Mrs. Lafond who has a MA.[who is your audience? Be sure to identify stakeholders; e.g., not “society” or “my professor”]can better understand what standards the public education system is being held to, why teachers and parents disapprove of the Common Core curriculum, and how the program can improve. I would also like to find out how the Common core program is better preparing students for college. I feel that by answering these questions it will help us have a better formed opinion when we vote.[specify (or speculate, at this point …) what you believe the “so what”? of your project might be. Why is it worthwhile?].


Section 2: My Tentative Thoughts or ConjecturesTentative thoughts/what you think you know or what you think you might find out: Preliminarily, my thoughts or conjectures on this question are:My tentative thoughts on Common Core education are I think there are much needed improvements in the program. I feel that there should be better teaching tools for parents so they will be able to help their child with homework. I believe that common core is pointed in the right direction with making students use critical thinking when processing questions. I think teachers are teaching to the standardized test and that they should be teaching more than the test. I think I
will find out what areas of the Common Core program are failing and what can be done to improve the program.


Section 3: Possible areas of this topic that you might consider when researching (i.e. specific issues surrounding it that will help you to narrow down your focus) [Consider topics as you would “sub-topics,” which means these are narrower terms such as “how the media stereotypes certain groups” or “Facebook stalking” when looking for possible sub-topics to “Cultural Stereotypes” or “Social Media.” When listing topics, be as specific as possible. You may have to explain what you mean by the topics you list if you are not certain I will understand precisely what you mean.]DO NOT INCLUDE ARGUMENTS, OPINION STATEMENTS, AND/OR QUESTIONS—Keywords, short phrases only.While researching Common Core education, I will take state performance rates into consideration. I will find out what is required for students to be able to sit out of the standardization exams. I will also consider finding what material teachers are given to successfully teach Common Core curriculum. I would also like research how often teachers are going to workshops to learn more about how to teach the Common Core curriculum.


Section 4: Possible Sources So Far [What possible sources have you found for your project so far? These sources may be articles or journals from the library databases or catalog. They must be substantial, well-developed articles in popular news sources that report on scholarly research; books you have found in the library or online; or research articles in academic journals. This list will grow as you develop your annotated bibliography, but at this point, just list each of your sources using MLA Style format, then complete two sentences for each source. MLA Citation format help can be found on the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL).[Benchmarkingfor Success: Ensuring U.S. Students Receive a World-Class Education. National Governors Association, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and Achieve, INC, 2008]This source’s main point is display the importance of a standard or “Benchmark” in American education. By setting a benchmark, the United States would be preparing American students the capability to become more competitive world wide. It also focuses on the high school and college dropout rate compared to other countries.This source is reliable becauseit is a report based on facts and research. The publishers include well educated governors and business leaders, and the purpose of this article is to educate the public of education statistics, standards and goals.This source is potentially crucial to my research because it answers questions about performance rates worldwide and where America stands in educational rankings. It also discuss what standardization testing is used for.[Petrilli, Michael J. “A common core curriculum quandary: for Eureka Math, open-source leads to a revenue stream.” Education Next, vol. 17, no. 3, 2017, p. 83+. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 14 Sept. 2017.]
This source’s main point is how Common Core was created and How Eureka Math, a web based open educational resource is being used over other sources when it is extremely expensive. It also gives information on Great Minds, a nonprofit organization which created Eureka Math as a result of higher educational standards.This source is credible becauseit was published recently and provides background to what the common core math started as. The URL is an .org and the purpose is to inform.This source is potentially crucial to my research because it gives a better understanding of the material that is used to teach Common Core math. But it also provides new ideas to research, such as the amount it cost schools to purchase the online program tools and trainings.[Repeat for additional sources]


Section 5: Questions for My Professor [Ask Professor Lafond three specific, high-quality questions about your research project so far. “Am I on track”” is not specific. “Will you help me?” has an answer you already know. “I can’t think of any questions” won’t work.1. When researching Common Core Education standards, would it be okay to include worldwide rankings or do you think it would become too broad?2. As a member of the audience, what other information about common core education would you be interested in learning about?3. When researching teacher approval ratings of Common Core, do I need to include what part of America they are in to give background on which states are more in favor of the curriculum?

Research Paper Proposal writing – Use this template to develop your research plan from ARP Phase I that leads to the Working Bibliography in Phase II.