Directions – Find a sport or recreation facility and examine the risk factor at the facility. Focus on the following steps:

1. Risk Identification
2. Risk Evaluation
3. Risk Treatment
4. Risk Implementation

Step 3: Facility selection – Select a sport or recreational facility to assess. This facility can be any facility that has had risk management or hazards that have contributed to injuries of its occupants past or present. However, 80% of the activities at the facility must be sport, athletic, or recreational based. Facilities hazards can’t date beyond the year 2000.

Step 4: Identify the risk – Answer the question, “What are the hazards at the facility?” Make sure you highlight at least one hazard and no more than three hazards at your facility.

Step 5: Risk evaluation – Answer the questions, “How frequently will this hazard occur?” “What is the severity of the injuries that could occur?” Answer these questions for each hazard that is identified. Also, explain why it would be a good idea to get a risk evaluation of the facility from an outside source? In addition, explain why it is important to document risks at a sport and recreational facility.

Step 6: Risk Treatment – Answer the questions, “Would you retain, reduce, transfer, or avoid the risk?” Make sure you thoroughly define each of the treatments as well as explain why you selected the treatment for the risk.

Step 7: Risk Implementation – Answer the questions, “How would you repair the risk?” For example: brochures, verbal warnings, etc. For each hazard develop the actual implementation you would use. For example, if you select a brochure develop and submit an actual brochure for the risk implementation. Also explain Why is it important to implement risk measures in a timely manner.

Risk management in sport facilities