Explain role of theory in research
Use research databases and scholarly sources to identity a theory in your discipline
Explain basic tenets of a theory
Describe alignment between epistemological and ontological assumptions of a theory and philosophical orientations
Apply APA Style to writing

For this Discussion, you will consider the role of theory in research and the relationship between theory and philosophical orientations. You will also familiarize yourself with a theory in your field so that you may become more conversant in your discipline’s theoretical foundations.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post an explanation of the role of theory in research.
Identify a theory in your discipline (Public Health) and explain its basic tenets.

Then, with this theory in mind, consider your answer to the following question posed by Dr. Burkholder in last week’s reading:

“What do I have to believe about the world and about human beings in order for me to accept or use this theory?”
Finally, describe the extent to which the epistemological and ontological assumptions of your chosen theory align with the philosophical orientation that reflects your worldview.
Please respond to each of the above questions separately directly under each question. Thanks.
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Role of Theory in Research