School Psychology Roles Analysis Assignment: (50 points): You will be responsible to research the current roles of school psychologists around the country and analyze how this compares and contrasts with the roles outlined by the National Association of School Psychologists. Please search three school districts in three different states of your choice (for example, one in Texas, one in New York, and one in Illinois). Try to gather the following information from websites and other public materials (such as district handbooks, job postings):
 How school psychologists roles are defined
 The activities of school psychologists
 The types of students school psychologists work with
 If information is available about the number of school psychologists and the number
of students in the district, please report this ratio within the district
You will then write a paper summarizing the information from each of the three states. Please include the district that you analyzed, where it is located, and the types of information that you reviewed for the assignment. After summarizing the information, you will then analyze how each district compares with what we have learned about school psychologist roles based on national standards. For example, are the roles consistent? Are their roles more limited? Do they primarily work in one job role when compared to others? Are school psychologists engaging in each domain of practice as outlined by NASP? After analyzing this information, you will provide a reflection of what you learned from the information and what it means to function as a school psychologist in the public schools. There is no minimum page length requirement for this assignment, although it is expected that most papers should be at least 3 pages in length, double spaced.

School Psychology Roles in three different states