Paper Assignment 1
An important part of any society’s culture is its music. Music conveys many messages including those that address the issue of social justice. Here is your assignment:
Pick a favorite music artist (They can be from any genre of music such as pop, rock, country, heavy metal, etc. This also includes foreign songs.).
Pick a song of theirs that deals with some aspect of social justice (Issues that fall under this category include racism, sexism, homophobia, poverty, homelessness, etc. If you aren’t sure if the issue is appropriate, discuss it with me.)  Songs with explicit lyrics are ok. I don’t have virgin ears!).
Tell me what issue of social justice the song is addressing.
Summarize the lyrics of the song and provide me with a YouTube or some other video link so I can watch the video.
Illustrate how well the song represents the actual reality of the social justice issue. Is its portrayal of the social justice issue realistic?  How, if at all, does it offer a solution to the social issue?

Your paper MUST be 2-3 pages in length (double spaced, size 12 font in either Calibri, Times New Roman, or Arial.)  It MUST be typed and MUST be in essay format (introduction, body, and conclusion).  It MUST be grammar and spell checked. You may use outside sources if you wish (particularly for part V). The paper is to be sent to me via EMAIL ONLY. The due date is NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT on OCTOBER 8TH.

Social Justice