Assignment 2 must be on the Australian product ‘happy skin co’ handheld laser hair removal device, generation 2 in pink. i have attached assignment 1 for your info.

Assignment 2 builds on your findings of Assignment 1 and relates to the topics covered from week 5-8. You are to answer the questions based on the same branded product you selected for Assignment 1.

Please answer the following questions. Maximum word limit 2500 ( /- 10%) words (excluding tables, figures, diagrams and references).
Self-Congruency and Self-Concept
– Explain the match between the branded product and yourself. Use the theories in relation to personality, lifestyle and self-congruency and self-concept in your discussion.
Persuasion and Attitude Change
– Think of a friend or a family member who has a negative (or a neutral) attitude towards the branded product you purchased. How would you attempt to change their attitude towards this brand? You are to employ one of the three theories of persuasion (the Elaboration Likelihood model, Balance Theory or Social Judgement Theory) to achieve this. Please provide a strong rationale for your answer.

Group and Interpersonal Influence
– Explain the role that any group may have had on your purchase decision.
Culture and Micro Culture
– What role did your individual culture (or micro culture) have on your purchase decision?
Please employ relevant theoretical concepts in your discussion.
You are to employ the Harvard AGPS referencing style in your assignment (for in-text referencing and reference list). You may illustrate your answers with relevant diagrams.

specific topic see instructions