Using additional eSports Sponsors Resources (below), create a Paper that thoroughly answers in written paper / paragraph format the following topics:
The eSports ecosystem
Sponsors that are currently involved in eSports ecosystem
Sponsors that should consider the eSports ecosystem (based on what you have learned from sponsors currently involved in the eSports ecosystem)
The official form and style format for the College of Business is APA. You must use appropriate APA format for citations and references. Using Library Resources and/or the Internet include 4 or 5 resources to support your answers / point of view.
The instructor will be grading the 600+ word paper using the Case Study rubric.
The biggest companies sponsoring eSports teams and tournaments (Links to an external site.)
EBSCO Database Articles (Links to an external site.)
Esports Sponsorships: 32 Brands Which Have Partnered with the Best League of Legends Teams in North America (Links to an external site.)
NACE National Partners (Links to an external site.)
Our 10 favorite esports sponsorships of 2019 so far (Links to an external site.)
Guidelines for Case Study Assignments