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Statistical Conclusion and Validity

A hastily constructed research study was developed and carried out to determine if there were significant differences in amount of time spent in “screen time” among 12th grade males and females at a local high school. The results of the analysis conducted in SPSS are found below:
Number of hours of screen time per week
Gender of Respondent N Mean Std.Deviation
Female 1 10.8571 3.53217

Male 1 10.7500 3.37004

Number of hours of screen time per week
t-test for Equality of Means
Equal variances assumed df Sig (2-tailed) Mean Difference
Equal variances assumed 13 0.953 0.10714
Equal variances not 12.54 0.953 0.10714
assumed 4
Following the analysis, the Cohen’s d to determine the effect size was calculated and found to be d=.028 and this result include in a power analysis conducted in G*Power. In the post hoc power analysis d=.028 (the effect size), p-value of .05 and the sample size of 17 and 18 participants were considered and yielded β=.42.

First interpret the results in terms of the decision to accept or reject the null hypothesis. You can assume equal variances. Cite the relevant statistic that has led to this decision. Next, consider the result of the power calculation in terms of the statistical conclusion validity for this decision.
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Statistical Conclusion and Validity