Transsion Holdings, based in Shenzhen, China, is a smartphone manufacturer founded in 2006. The
company overtook Samsung as the largest smartphone manufacturer by sales in Africa in 2017. The
company also sells smartphones in South Asia.
With growing success in the African and Asian market, Transsion Holdings is keen on further
international expansion. The company now needs to make a decision about choosing ‘one’ from three
countries that has the highest potential for success. The three countries are France, USA and Russia.
Only one of these countries are to be targeted. The choice is up to Transsion Holdings. You are
employed by a consulting company and your company has been approached by Transsion Holdings
seeking advice for making the above decision. Now, you are required to conduct a research-based
strategic analysis addressing the following tasks.
Part 1:
Applying the CAGE framework, identify the similarities or differences between the home and each
of the potential host countries, and brief implications of those similarities or differences, for crafting
international strategies. (50 marks, 1250 words maximum)
Part 2:
Using the triple AAA framework, identify what should be the relatively most important aspect
(Arbitrage, Adaptation or Aggregation) to focus on for the firm to create value in the chosen host
country to start with. Briefly reflect on how this aspect may shift over time as the firm grows in the
chosen country. (40 marks, 1000 words maximum)

• Write your analysis as a piece of business communication in report style, using headings and
subheadings that are numbered. All the figures, charts and tables used in the main body of the
report should be numbered and titled and they should be referred to and used in the report.
Tables with text rather than data will be included in the word count.
• There should be no first person references (I, we, us) in the report. If self-reference is required,
you may refer to yourself as “the author” or “this report”.

The reports should have the following structure:
 Cover page
 Table of contents (with the page numbers)
 Part 1
 Part 2
 List of references
 Appendices (only if necessary, maximum of 5 pages)

Strategic Frameworks and Cultural Contexts in International Management