Working on proposal for my research paper. The writer has assisted me with a Practice Proposal. I must now develop a survey to support my problem statement to show that there is a real need within th eminstry to support the Problem Statement. The Problem Statement is this:
“The problem is, on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings, ninety percent of the congregation do not participate in the intercessory prayer ministry at Morning Star Baptist Church in Humboldt, TN.” I need to create a survey to be used for members of the congregation to complete to identify the need for intercessory prayer within the ministry. I’ve attached an example of a Doctor of Ministry project with a survey and I will need something similar to Appendix D in the attached project that I found. Not sure if this survey is as thorough as I need to support my Problem Statement. I will also will be utilizing you to edit and update my proposal that I will submit. Not sure if you have access to the Practice Proposal you completed a couple of months earlier, if not let me know.

Survey /AN