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Research Project Tips: Each student/team should have completed the design of their first survey draft using the template preview the document and submit it using the dropbox provided.

MORE INFORMATION at files “Survey Design Template”

VERY IMPORTANT: Each team’s (one per team)/student’s initial draft of the surveys we will be sending to Melissa Giller for distribution to RRPF patrons must be submitted via the drop box provided in this week’s folder. PLEASE make sure you have watched my last three recorded Zoom sessions (posted in the weekly folders) as I provided very specific directions for the development of this survey.

It is imperative everyone have their draft done by this deadline as the subsequent week will involve me sending each team/student their drafts via email with my comments on them to make further drafts that should then be sent back to me (via Canvas email) for review. This usually takes 3-5 drafts before I feel that a team’s/student’s survey is ready for me to input into SurveyMonkey. I would like to have this completed.

After that, I will send each team/student a link to their SurveyMonkey survey for pre-testing (as well as sending it to Melissa Giller for approval). Once the team/student & Melissa approve a survey, the link will be sent to Melissa for distribution to her email database and to the team for them to recruit anyone they can from the population of interest.

Survey First Draft