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What are the key themes in these texts? How do they fit together?
Before writing this journal, please take a field trip through your own community and think about how these different ideas and goals apply. Where do sustainability issues come into sharp focus in your own home, neighborhood, town and region? What are some success stories to build on? What are some key problems that need addressing?

Instruction: Write about 200 words, and please include specific quotes or references to the texts we’ve read. The journals are meant to be a place for you to gather your thoughts about the reading, to make connections to other works and ideas discussed in class and in the wider world, and to develop ideas that might grow into more substantial pieces of writing. The journals are meant to be open-ended; the best ones will be at once rooted in careful reading and head off into surprising and intriguing directions. We’ll use these to drive our discussion and share with classmates. To earn credit, each journal must include three elements: a concrete detail, from the assigned reading; a thoughtful explanation of why that detail grabbed your attention; and an interesting connection to another topic or text in class or an issue in the wider world.

Sustainability discussion