Course Project Part 3 (Synthesis of information)

You will include most of the information you included in Discussion #1 and on the Data Collection Assignment (but you will not include the tables from Part 2). Make any needed corrections before you post your work. You DO NOT need to include tables or charts (they are horrible to set up in Canvas), but you do need to explain your data.

In addition to posting your initial discussion post, you are required to respond to at least 2 peers at least 150 words each.

You should include a definition of the occupation, what kind of work is involved, and a brief historical overview (consider how and why this job/occupation came about as well as what changes have occurred over time and why).

Consider answering most of the following (Most of this information is located in the Occupational Handbook. You are encouraged to reach out to the Librarians for other resources):

What work experience is needed to enter this occupation?
What is the work environment?
How do you become a ___?
How much autonomy will you have in this occupation?
What time commitment does this job take?
Would you have flexibility in your work?
Is this a gendered occupation? (how and why)
How compatible is this occupation with family and childcare responsibilities?
Are there health, safety, or environmental issues that need to be noted?
What inequalities are related to this occupation? How has technology affected this occupation?

Synthesis of information /AN