Requirements: Write a two-page essay which addresses all of the questions in the prompt
below. Your assignment should be 2 pages, typed and double-spaced (using 1-inch margins and
Times New Roman 12point font). Be sure to put your name and my name (Prof. de Cuba) the
course name (SPE12) and the date at the top of the first page. Your essay should be divided into
clear paragraphs, including an introduction paragraph and a conclusion paragraph. Be sure to
address each of the questions asked in the prompt and to provide specific examples where they
are requested. Be sure to refer to course concepts and terminology whenever relevant in your

You should email me your assignment as a word file or a pdf (I will not accept other types
of files).

Writing Prompt: Watch Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED talk entitled, “The Danger of a
Single Story” (link below) illustrating the dangers of only having a single story for a group of
people, and write a 2-page essay answering the questions below.

1. Explain how having a “single story” caused intercultural misunderstanding as described
by Adichie. Explain how developing intercultural competence (referring to specific
course concepts) would have assisted the individuals discussed in the example you just
2. Give an example of an instance in which you either stereotyped or had a “single story”
relating to another co-cultural or cultural group. What were the results?
3. How do you normally respond when you find yourself in a culture (or co-culture)
different from your own? Discuss, using a specific example.
4. In regards to the section on “Developing Intercultural Communication Competence” in
chapter 2, discuss one or two of the qualities of successful intercultural communicators
that you feel you could improve on (and explain why).

TED talk analysis