;lr=&id=Fk9LAAAAMAAJ&oi=fnd&pg=PR17&dq=ancient Egypt sculptures&ots=By2h5rELr1&sig=3cmIi5_LlKFgOV3TrqlDHGbrpHo#v=onepage&q=ancient Egypt sculptures&f=false
^can use that link also as a source and can find any scholarly sources to use online that are peer reviewed and legitimate sources.
The instructions for the prompt are an attached file. Be sure to use art historian scholarly words, like symmetrical, erect posture, physical movement of the bodies, and the social cultural context and the reasoning behind the way the bodies are depicted in the statues. Choose one statue from each ancient civilization (Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt) and demonstrate their importance and compare them to each other.
Use MLA style formatting.
The comparison of Ancient Greek civilization statues of humans to Ancient Egypt human statues