I tried to make a research paper about the globalization of brands, based on 4 four study cases about companies I made in the past (Louis Vuitton, Uniqlo, La Maison du Chocolat and Shiseido).
My advisor wrote a feedback on my research paper, and it is true that I cannot find good common research questions and the problems related to the 4 case studies.
I think I also need others theoretical arguments (I chose Hofstede but I don’t think it is related.)

Here is a mail of my advisor resuming resuming the problems of my work:
“You have added Hofstede cultural dimensions and cultural contexts in your report. However, it’s not clear how they are linked to your research questions and how they are linked to the existing stream of related literature. What are the scholars talking about in the existing literature related to the Hofstede and cultural contexts from the past until 2021? You should review the articles related to
Hofstede and cultural contexts from the past until 2021 and find out “the research frontiers.”

Your research questions should be more specific and related to such research frontiers. Also, it’s unclear how those questions in your current report are related to the 4 case studies you did earlier. The questions should be specific and related to all 4 case studies you did earlier. So, you can compare how each of these 4 case studies solve
such questions.

Please try to read more articles from mainstream journals such as:
Journal of International Business Studies
Journal of International Marketing
Journal of Marketing
Journal of Marketing Research
Journal of Academy of Marketing Science

and also other journals listed in the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI)”

The globalization of brands