This exercise should be completed in partners or groups of 2-3 persons. Please use the Partner Finder thread in our discussion forum in order to find someone to work with.

Assignment Guidelines

This Web Quest consists of two parts. You should post your research and response to the discussion board thread titled DB 3: Depression, Recession, Capitalism, and Organized Labour (5%).

Using material from the Heron reading or from any valid web resource Please answer onequestion from Section A and one question from Section B.

You and your group will also be asked to provide thoughtful feedback to at least one of the other groups’ Web Quest answers. A thoughtful comment will do more than merely compliment what a student has to say You might wish to:

Develop upon what a peer has said.
Clarify an aspect of the group’s definition or answer.
You might ask a further question about an aspect of another Web Quest response that shows you have read and engaged with their material.
You might provide a link to an image, video, website or article that provides more detail to a peer’s posting.
Provide any other response that fruitfully extends, enriches, or nuances your classmate’s work.

Remember, your posting needs to be original; this means that before you choose the question you are going to answer and the definition you are going to provide, you need to read the posts provided by your peers. Any repeated answers or definitions will receive a lower grade.

Web Quest Resources

If your having trouble beginning your internet search for valid resources on Canadian labour history, please begin with these sites:

The History of Canada Online

Canadian Museum of Civilization

The Canadian Encyclopedia

The Workers Arts and Heritage Museum

The Ontario Public Interest Research Group

Section A: Web Quest Questions

These questions should be answered in detail, and with reference to the course textbook and /or the website you used (answers should be about 200 to 300 words in length). Please cite all of your sources, and be sure to answer these questions in your own words. Plagiarism and un-cited work that is not your own will receive a grade of zero, and may impact upon your standing as a student at George Brown College.

Please see the course syllabus for more details on the college’s policy in relationship to plagiarism

What is a depression, and how is it different from a recession?
What were the causes of the Great Depression?
How bad was the Depression? Were some parts of the country worse off than others?
What did the Canadian government do to deal with the Depression?
What were some of the cultural responses to the Depression (music, drama, literature, etc)? (A few groups can answer this question so long as they choose different plays, books, songs, etc.)
In terms of organizing unions, how did workers survive the Depression? (Depending on the detail of your response, different groups can describe different organizational drives.)
Have there been any other Great Depressions as severe as the 1929-1939 one? (A few groups can answer this question depending on which depressions are focused on.)
What finally ended the Great Depression?

The great depression