Hello! I want to start by thanking you for completing this paper for me. As for the details of the project:

It needs to be an analysis/ Research paper about the novel “Their eyes were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston supported by various historical and cultural contexts.

I put down 4 sources because I wasn’t sure if that counted and primary or secondary sources, but I only need two secondary sources, with quotes from the book included. Here is a short bit expanding on the paper followed by the instructions from the rubric. Thank you!!

Expanded bit:
Literary Piece: Choose a literary piece(s) that moves you…one that you enjoyed reading…one that you felt some sort of connection with for whatever reason.

*Again, you could look throughout our text for works we haven’t read or won’t read together. The only requirement here is that the literary piece(s) you chose must come from our textbook.

Literary Elements: Decide which literary elements you’d like to use for your analysis of this piece. Basically, what is it about this piece that moves you? – is it the diction (word choice), themes, imagery, symbols, metaphors/similes, plot, characters, or just its social/cultural/historical importance, overall?

*For example, perhaps I’m most moved by the themes of Douglass’ narrative, such as the importance of education and perseverance – this could be the focus of how I analyze Douglass in my paper.

Parallel: After you decide the literary elements you’ll use to analyze the literature, now you consider its parallel. This is where we begin stepping outside of the literature, itself.

*For example, if I’m continuing with how Douglass’ narrative displays a strong theme of education and perseverance, I’d now want to parallel this to the literature’s importance to today.

Research: Now I take these parallels above and begin to do deeper research. This is where my secondary sources come into play (for the primary source is the literature piece of your choice…your analysis and parallels stem from that).

*Note that I provided some quick references in #3 to back up my initial thoughts, but, again, this is where you would do more digging – create more layers and connections.

Bringing it all together: With the above ideas done, now I bring my literary piece, topic, and research together to help me build my paper frame. And we know that the first step of that frame is the thesis. Here is an example thesis based off my ideas on Douglass above:

The power in Frederick Douglass’ Narrative in the Life stems from his foundational belief in one’s right to education and one’s ability to overcome when this right is not provided. A lesson such as this is desperately needed in today’s society, for present-day America is still one grappling with segregated school systems amidst the continued failing of students of color.

Rubric Instructions:
The final project is the creation of a research paper (at least 5–7 pages) on a historical, social, or cultural topic relevant to the black literary tradition. In addition to providing a close analytical reading of one of the assigned texts, students will be expected to incorporate secondary source analysis in their writing to develop and strengthen their argument. The project is divided into three milestones, which are designed to encourage students to visualize the substantial time requirement that writing a research-based paper requires. These milestones will be submitted in Modules Four, Five/ Six, and Seven.

Their Eyes were Watching God: Toxic Stereotypes of African Americans