You will choose a theory from the textbook readings in Module/Week 2 (Smith & Liehr, chapters 4–16) to address in the assignment. Please review each chapter before deciding on a theory on which to focus.
Select a mid-range nursing theory from the Smith and Liehr text to describe and analyze in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. The theory will be presented via PowerPoint in 2 parts. The first part will describe the theory and its development. In the second part, you will analyze and apply theoretical concepts in research and practice. The first part of the presentation must contain the following information in the slide limit allotted:
Title slide with student name, name of theory, and name of theory author (1 slide)
Short description of the theory (1 slide)
Who developed the theory? What influenced the development of the theory? When was the theory developed? Has the theory been updated, when, how, and why? (3 slides)
Identify and define main concepts of the theory (3 slides)
Reference slide (1 slide)
You must utilize the notes section to provide additional information and “talking points” that would be utilized in a presentation. A minimum of 5 peer-reviewed scholarly sources (including the Smith and Liehr text) must be used. Older resources may be used if needed to describe theory development. Sources must be cited on the slides according to current APA format with the author and year in parenthesis and the full sources cited on the reference slide.

Theory of Symptom Management