Instructions: Place the counselors and clients verbatim statement in each row (Part I). Then identify the counseling skills that the counselor used and explain why that skill was used in the session. Note: each counselor statement or encourager must be identified (Part II.1). Next provide a alternative skill that could have been used and write the actual words you would use. Note: every counselor statement or encourager must have an alternative statement (Part II.2). Next, examine the transference (what the client reaction to the counselor) and the countertransference (counselor’s reaction to the client) reactions. Lastly, write a 1 page paper Transcript Video Critique and Analysis. In this paper you will discussed your critique yourself, skills, and theory used in the session (Part III)

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I would like paper to look like the sample paper
The counseling theory i used was alfred adler

Theories Skills

• Psychoanalytic Therapy
• Adlerian Therapy
• Existential Therapy
• Person Centered Therapy
• Gestalt Therapy
• Behavior
• Cognitive-behavior

• Invitational Skills
• Reflecting Skills: Paraphrasing
• Reflecting Skills: Reflecting Feelings
• Reflecting Skills: Reflecting Meaning and Summarizing

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I will also upload my two text books the corey and young

Transcript Video Critique and Analysis