Title of Project:


(When you fill in this form remember to make some slight changes. Content under each heading should be single spaced and you should double space between each heading. You may organizes these headings as you see fit and if something doesn’t apply you may remove it—be careful not to remove something important though. Delete any notes from me from the template before submission.)

  1. Introduction: (Includes background and history)
  2. Statement of Problem: (Includes specific background supporting the problem exists and defining parameters to be handled in your Proposal)
  • Review of Literature/Prior Solutions: (What’s been done before, has it worked, why or why not?)
  1. Statement of Solution: (Describe the solution you propose. Break down step by step.)
  2. Costs: (Write a short budget of estimated costs to execute Proposal.) A chart is just fine here also.
  3. Rationale for Solution: (Explain why your solution will work, explain it in context to other prior solutions listed in Review section.)
  • Limitations of Solution: (There may or may not be limitations, but if you see some risks or limitations discuss them here and explain what if any solutions you suggest for them)
  • References: (MLA/APA style list of research references here.)