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A. Discovery and Observation
When, how, and by whom was the object discovered?
What scientific techniques were used to locate it and learn about it?
What technologies have been employed to study it?
Was there anything new, unique, or technically challenging about this research process?

B. What We Know
What is the object like, what are the known characteristics of it?
What are some of the most interesting features?
What makes it special, or unique, or important?
Dig deep into the science here, and do not just list facts – remember to challenge yourself with detailed and complicated information, consider cause and effect, origins of the features, etc.

C. What We Don’t Know
What are the major unknowns of this object?
What are the unique mysteries that make it important? And why are they mysterious and hard to solve or understand?
What research is being done right now, or being planned for the future?
Why is it important or useful that we solve this object’s mysteries, and learn more about it?
Try to discuss multiple interesting mysteries.

D. Brief Conclusion

Peer-reviewed journals/Credible Articles and No Wikipedia

V838 Monocerotis