2.1.T1 his is an individual written report. Learners are required to prepare a report of between 1500 – 2000 words to evaluate the talent acquisition (TA) strategy of an organization. The report must explain and apply theories/concept taught during the lectures and cover the following areas :
Describe the organization’s talent acquisition strategy covering recruitment sources, selection methods, candidate experience, employer branding efforts and the use of HR technology.
Identify at least two (2) strengths and two (2) weakness of the current TA process
Recommend at least one (1) way the organization can improve its recruitment and selection effectiveness
2.1.2 The organization selected by learners may be the one where learners are currently working in or any other organization of their choice. To find out about the organization, learners may, among other things, read up about the company in publications / reviews or conduct research on the internet.
2.1.3 The project report will be graded upon 100 marks and it carries a 45% weightage in the module. The assessment will cover:-
Report Marks
Areas covered
a) Content – Ability to explain and apply relevant theories/concept taught in a clear manner 40
b) Ability to identify strengths and weaknesses 20
c) Quality and feasibility of recommendations 25
d) Overall quality of the report including description of the company chosen, format, structure, layout and paragraphing 15
Total Marks 100

will add