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You’ll apply the concepts you’ve learned in Lessons 1 and 2 to provide short answers and a structured essay about a post-fifteenth-century event that had an impact on world civilization.

Answer each question in this section. Each answer is worth five points for a total of 50 points.
1. Describe the voyages of Zheng He. How did he contribute to the spread of Chinese culture?
2. What role did women play in Parisian salons during the Age of Enlightenment?
3. What are the three reasons why the Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain?
4. What’s Ptolemy’s Geography, and what role did it play in the discovery of the New World?
5. How did the Ottoman system of devshirme help to create merit-based opportunities in the military and administration as opposed to the hereditary system practiced in Europe at the time?
6. How did the Factory Act of 1833 and the Mines Act of 1842 change the pattern of whole families working together?
7. What new ideas about individual human rights came from the French Revolution?
8. What’s nationalism, and what impact did it have on the Habsburg Austrian Empire?
9. What was the importance of salt in West African economies?
10. What three internal factors contributed to the decline of the Islamic Empires?

Part 2: Structured Essay
For this section, you’ll use the following list of terms in your essay. Write a minimum of two complete paragraphs using all of the terms correctly to earn the 50 points available.
-Prince Henry the Navigator
-Spice trade
-Columbian Exchange
-Middle Passage
-Berlin Conference
Essay Question: Why does modern history begin with the Age of Discovery (1450–1650)? What changes did the era of European exploration and expansion bring about? How did this early era of exploration and expansion differ from the later “new imperialism”?

World Civilizations : Short Answer and Structured Essay