Academic Level : Undergraduate
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For this assignment you will create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation. The goal of this presentation is to show your understanding of the role of a pathologist in interpreting the anatomical abnormalities of a neurological disease.

You will first need to explain the career of a pathologist and what they do for a living. Include the type of schooling and training you need to become a pathologist.

Next, decide upon a neurological disease. The disease could affect any part of the central or peripheral nervous system. It may be easier to find information about a disease affecting the brain. Describe the basic known knowledge of the disease in your presentation.

Explain how a pathologist can look at a microscope sample, laboratory tests, MRI images, and/or CAT scans to identify the anatomical abnormalities of the disease.

Conclude your presentation describing how a Biblical worldview would affect someone wanting to pursue a career of pathology. How would being a Christian affect how a pathologist goes about their job?

The presentation should be 8-10 slides, include proper spelling, and have a work cited slide for references.


Explain the role of a pathologist.
Describe the neurological disease.
Show how a pathologist could use medical resources to identify anatomical abnormalities of the neurological disease.
Differentiate how a Christian pathologist would operate compared to a non-Christian pathologist.
Presentation is 8-10 slides with proper spelling and grammar and includes a work cited slide.
20 points for each; totaling 100 points.

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