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Calvin Stark tested positive for HIV, received extensive counseling about his infection, and was taught about “safe sex,” the risk of spreading the infection, and the necessity of informing his partners before engaging in sexual activity with them. He disregarded the advice and engaged in unprotected sexual activity multiple times with each of three different women. He told the first victim he was HIV positive after the second time they had intercourse. He told the second victim he was HIV positive after they’d had sexual intercourse six times. The third victim and Stark had sexual relations throughout their brief relationship. It was “almost nonstop with him,” “almost every night” during August 1989. Stark never wore a condom and never informed the victim he was HIV positive. When pressed, Stark denied rumors about his HIV status. The victim broke off the relationship because of Stark’s drinking, after which Stark told her that he carried HIV and explained that if he had told her, she would not have had anything to do with him.
—State v. Stark (1992)
Review this case and in a 1 page MLA paper, discuss it and how the individual should or should not be charged. Discuss Mens Rea and his liability and how that plays a part in it all. You can find additional information on this as well by researching State v. Stark. Be sure to cite your references as well.

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