Data analytics is a critical tool used in healthcare organizations to monitor and determine trends in clinical and financial data. It is an important function in the HIM Department.
A local community group is concerned with what appears to be an increase in brain cancer cases and deaths in their community. They have contacted the Community Hospital and asked that a presentation be made to their community regarding cancer incidence in the local community with special attention to brain cancer. The Chief of Medicine (COM) and the Administrator are preparing a presentation to the community and have asked you to assist them. As the data analyst for the HIM Department, they want you to conduct research using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) cancer website – United States Cancer Statistics (USCS) Site for them. They want you to prepare written summaries of your findings along with a power point presentation. They will review your findings and incorporate them into their community presentation. Be prepared to present your data and to explain how you found it.
Go to
Locate Data & Statistics on the Cancer home page
Part 1: Learning About Cancer Statistics
You’re new to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) cancer website and need to explore the data on the site and how it’s organized. You decide that you need to understand the nature and sources for the data in the event that the Chief of Medicine (COM) and Administrator ask you questions to validate the data.
1. Select US Cancer Statistics (USCS)
2. Scroll down to About US Cancer Statistics and click on Learn More about the Data Sources used by CDC to publish the cancer incidence and death rates
3. Prepare a written summary explaining what data sources CDC uses to create the official statistics used by researchers, agencies and the public to learn about cancer in the USA.
Prepare a written summary of your findings. Be specific and detailed on the partnered organizations. Send this summary to your mentor for review and feedback.

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