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PSY 1000: Psychology Reflection/Reaction Journal Paper/PowerPoint- 40 points

Assignment: As a course requirement you are responsible for finding an article, a TED talk, podcast, or watch a movie pertaining to the field of psychology by reviewing topics in our text table of contents. Follow the guidelines below, and write a short paper or create a Power point. Tie key terms, ideas, research from our text book.

Question you may want to respond to may include the following:
• What is the article/ movie about (one short paragraph to introduce the topic)?
• What facts/details did you learn about from the article/movie in relation to the topic? Which part of the article/movie interests you the most and why?
• How has the article/movie enhanced your knowledge about the topic?
• What does your textbook state about this topic? Should be biggest part of project- what did you learn from your book about this topic.
• If you view a movie, you may want to consider the topic or the character – What is the diagnosis, what are specific behaviors, what does our book state about the diagnosis/treatment?

It is worth up to 40 points.
The papers/PowerPoint will be no more than 5 pages or 10 slides, typed, double-spaced, black ink.
Cite your reference in APA style with your text as a primary source.
Students must use course textbook. Cite sources.

How to set up your paper/Power point-
 Cover sheet or slide one- Your name/ course name/article topic/date/semester
 Paragraph one: Summary of article/movie
 Paragraph two: Your reaction/reflection of article
 Paragraph three- five: Application of information from article in relationship to your text. How will you use this information/evidence supporting course objective? What terms/definitions do you include?
 Other information/suggestions/ideas
 What did you learn from the article and text on this topic?
 Strategies/tactics/techniques/diagnosis/treatment
 How has it change you/your view/your knowledge?
 Reaction/reflection not a review/use facts from article/textbook in detail

Possible Movies: Cape Fear, Pulp Fiction, Once Flew Over the Cuckoos Next, A Beautiful Mind, Rain Man, Regarding Henry, Ordinary People, Good Will Hunting, On Golden Pond, Driving Miss Daisy, 12 Angry Men, The Blind Side, Inside Out

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