PLZ this alot points and make sure you read the instructions Plz cite correcty page number and everything and makje sure you write the question and answer the question in the following order . I will be uploading the chapters and the article and the powerpoint let me know f you guys have any concern.
Place all written assignments in CANVAS, only no later than the date specified in each assignment. Late assignments will not be accepted, unless prior permission has been provided. Assignments cannot be otherwise mailed or placed in campus mailboxes or left on campus.
Submit writing assignment only in a word document as “docx” documents only; do not send PDF files. These files will not be graded.
Submit exam typed and double-spaced.
You must include clear healthcare examples for each and every question to show that you understand the question and the answer.
All answers must come from the textbook, or other indicated source (for example specified reading material) and you must cite all reference material , including the textbook , using the APA method only. For these examinations or other assignment and work, you are required to include page numbers.
Submit grammatically correct answers only. Every writing assignment is an English exam; grammar, spelling and sentence structure will be included in grading your answers.
Write in complete sentences. You should not use colloquialisms.
Repeat the question you are answering before you answer the question, including subsections. Write the subsection question and then provide the subsection answer. Do not clump all answers together.
You cannot use a font larger than 12 points
You must only use black ink. Do not include highlighted sections.

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